donderdag 24 januari 2013

You already know my language

Red braid- Vintage 
Grey leather jacket- ONLY
Black boots- H&M
Grey faded jeans- EDC by Esprit
Blue knitt jumper- Divived by H&M

I'm so excited! Tomorrow is prom day! First I have to make my final 2 test of this week and up until now I fucked up almost all of the tests so I have to do a good job. Last year’s prom was so much fun! Me and my friends went on a picture together. Nothing special about that but we were with 10 people and we had to stand in a really small space so we were packed. Last year I was wearing a little black dress. Just simple because I didn’t know what to expect but this year I’m wearing a long red dress. I think it’s really pretty. I’ll show it next time I think.
We also have a band performing that night. It’s Skyroam, a band from my hometown. I think they are a really good band! I love their music. They won a band contest last year so if you are Dutch you may know them.
This is the video of their latest song Party for the weak

I have to study so this is it for today.
See you next time!
Hugs and kisses,

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