donderdag 14 februari 2013

happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I love you all!

I hope yours was as great as mine!

Today is the day of love and on my school you can buy a rose for someone else. I bought one for my lovely boyfriend and he bought me one. Unfortunately I had to throw it away because it broke. We also had a Harlem Shake in our school canteen. A Harlem Shake is a new hype on YouTube. So if you don't know what a Harlem Shake is just look on YouTube. 
We had so much fun during our Harlem Shake we decided to do our own with a couple of friends. If the video is finished I'll show you. 

Lots of love!

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  1. Sv: No, I`m sorry Naomi – only ppl living in Norway this time!! =/

    Have a nice day :)


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